March 2015-Germany

Packed. Ready to leave this home sweet home.

Packed. Ready to leave this home sweet home.

In January Peter came up to me and said, “I think we are going to Germany.”
I took a step back and looked at him. “What? Are you serious? You don’t do random spontaneous trips. Especially trips out of the country.”
He nodded in agreement. “My friend Cliff was talking about a team from church going to Potsdam in March, they have some construction projects they need assistance with. I’m really interested. I think we should do this.”
I was shocked really. Peter loves to give, but something like this was a bit bigger than anything we had done before.
I love to travel, so I wasn’t going to say no to that. I have always wanted to go to Europe, but I hadn’t really thought Europe mission trip, before.
I couldn’t get my head around how we were going to do it. We had so much going on, so much work stuff to do, the idea of taking time off during the beginning of the busy season seemed a bit crazy.
Yet, Peter never just came up to me before and said let’s go… well anywhere. That was usually me, planning months if not years before a big celebration trip. The fact that he wanted to do this and it was his idea, I hadn’t hinted or even considered it was enough for me to roll with it.
I was interested. Curious really.
I did have a lot of things on my agenda for 2015. So many things I wanted to do and I had big plans on how I was going to do it. Agreeing to join the mission team going to Germany, meant I had to put those plans aside for awhile. Make room for spontaneity. Embrace the uplanned. Become more flexible.
I would need to be more sensitive towards others, listen well, collaborate with team members leading up to departure and during the trip. There were additional meetings to add to my schedule. This wasn’t going to be how Peter and I normally travel. Grab our backpacks and go, when we want and how we want, at break neck speed.
I like plans, boxes I can check off as I achieve my objective.
Random is not something Peter or I do. We are planners. Box checkers.
We have been on a mission trip before, but it was in a different season. A not so busy season.
After thinking and praying, we committed to going. We knew there would be a lot of juggling and a lot of learning to let go and rolling with whatever happens. We knew it would be good for us.
As I look back on the days before leaving, I can clearly see how incredible the timing was for all the stuff that popped up. Prepping me for the ten day trip.
There was so much I had no control over. Some big things and there were a lot of little things.
I practiced praying instead of complaining. Asking God for direction, instead of whining. I have learned so much even before leaving.
A lot about myself, things I hadn’t noticed before. Things I would like to improve on.
I’ve had four weeks to mentally prepare myself to be ready to serve. I’m curious how I will do.
Now I am on the plane. Sipping my cran-apple juice. Flying to DC. Destination Frankfurt.

Ready for adventure with my favorite travel partner.

Ready for adventure with my favorite travel partner.



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