Espresso. Make That a Double Shot.

Coffee cheesecake break.

Coffee cheesecake break.

One of the things I miss about Germany, after only being there for 10 days, would be the constant availability of espresso or coffee. Not to mention the pastries to go along with it.
Goodness. I’ve heard Europeans know how to make coffee, but once I experienced it… I can’t get it out of my head.
The second thing I miss is the fact that German’s don’t apologize for who they are or enjoying life. Texans don’t either, which is one of the things I love about Texas. “Those Texans.”
I’m a bit disappointed when I hear Americans who feel like they need to apologize for the way we Americans do things, how much fun we have, our success, prosperity, our politics. Sure apologize for being rude, but… for being American? No.
Don’t forget our history, those who fought for us and still fight so we can have the freedoms to live the life we live. People gave up so much so future generations could enjoy what they envisioned for themselves at the time.
If you are not proud to be an American my question would be. “Have you researched your history and found out why your ancestors immigrated to America? If so, what did you find that causes you to apologize for being here and being American?” The majority of Americans are also very giving. If you don’t know an American or non American that isn’t volunteering in another country, with support funds from the American people, charity or church, just look around a little. It will not take long to find them. They are everywhere.

As much as I loved Germany, the people, rich culture and history, the architect, the food….etc… there was nothing there that made me wish I would

Grabbing coffee and a pastry for breakfast, the morning of our departure.

Grabbing coffee and a pastry for breakfast, the morning of our departure.

have been born there or even raised there. Sure, it would be nice to have that rich culture and crazy old amazing architect, but I wouldn’t take it all and give up my freedoms.
If I would have been born and raised in Germany, I am sure I would be just as proud as every other German I met.
Yet, getting to know more about Germany, made me very thankful for the freedoms I have in America. Religious freedom hasn’t always been the case for Germany. There used to be more of a choice with Healthcare here in America, it is more limiting now, but it’s still better than Canada (according to my sister who married a Canadian) or Germany (according to the experience one of our team members related to us).
I would still get to choose any vocation I wish as a high schooler here in America, the government doesn’t tell me what I can become from the result of one or two final test at the end of my high school education.
I do think it’s important to visit other countries and get to know the people and their lives and preferably not the touristy version. The real everyday life version. Germany was very educational and eye opening. I gained a new appreciation for what I have and ideas of where I can improve.
We got a taste of west and east German’s daily culture and it’s the only way we like to travel. It takes away all the glamour, imaginings and keeps things real. Authentic.
Until next time.
“ Auf Wiedersehen.”


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