Meet The Authors.

About me. Anna
Hi there!  My name is Anna.  I am nineteen years old.  I live in the country in the state of Ohio.  I enjoy both city and country life; however, I love how peaceful it can be to live away from all the compact housing and craziness of the city.  I get the most pleasure in life from activities like photography, exercise, health and nutrition, art, basically most sports ( although I don’t consider myself to be any good at them) :), watching movies, listening to music, etc.  I am currently on the quest for better nutrition in my life and becoming a more healthy me!  Sharing my journey with you is a privilege!

About me. Katie.
Coming to you from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I’m a big fan of traveling, photography, food, reading and more recently – teaching myself how to live well on a tight budget. 2014 brought a few major life changes my way, so I’m currently rediscovering all of the things I enjoy in life, setting new goals, getting comfortable with (what I previously considered) uncomfortable and learning how to make the most of life and to be thankful for every experience coming my way. The good, the bad, the crazy, the fun – all of it!

I eat paleo and you can always find me cooking in my spare time. I can’t live without coffee. My current favorite is Caffè Americano, no room for cream. I do CrossFit, yoga, enjoy hiking, exploring new places or any other outdoor activities. I’d rather be outside all day long if I could move my office, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. I do corporate event planning by day, and embrace the adventures life throws my way the rest of the time.

How I do it? I learned how to think outside the box, to get along when there is no box, to build my own box, and why the box isn’t important. I spend almost every day outside of work exploring the world, visiting my friends all over the country, and making new friends and memories getting out there alone.

About me. Elma.
I am a wife, realtor, Nashville resident and a lover of all things authentic.
I believe happiness is a choice, not a destination. I know for a fact, anything worth having does not come easy. You typically have to work for it and work hard. As depressing as that may be at times.

I love my coffee hot, no sugar and lots of cream. Unless, I go for a summer frappe, then it’s a whole different story.  I like food full of flavor and preferably a bit spicy. I could be bribed with all things sweet, as long as it’s not my coffee. I think I am battling TV addiction, I just haven’t decided if I want to fully admit it to myself, yet. I have a weakness for shoes, clothes, desserts and getting mani’s and pedi’s.

My one true love is my smart funny handsome husband, Peter. I thank my God for putting us together. Peter is definitely my best half.
If I had the funds to do anything I wanted, I would travel the world with Peter.
As of now, I resort to getting lost in books, mostly John Grisham, TV shows like 24, Suits, Downtown Abbey, and most things BBC. Currently enthralled with White Collar. If I am not working with clients, you can find me at a coffee shop writing and well drinking coffee. I love exploring my local city, Nashville. I run for the much needed exercise from an office job, as well as to clear my head. I enjoy hiking and biking through local parks or finding off the beaten paths. I sell real estate for both the sheer love of it and the monetary gain.

My greatest struggle is time management and procrastination. My husband has one speed and it’s break-neck. So for me it’s break-neck until I’m about to die and then I come to a complete halt. I recharge my batteries by getting some alone time and doing absolutely nothing. My husband doesn’t need to recharge. We are working on incorporating: enjoy the moments and stopping to smell the roses, so to speak. My goal is to make time for personal development, physical fitness, family, friends, work, adventure, helping orphans, and writing.
My life motto: “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” By Jonathan Winters.

blogcollageforEAbout me. Kate.
Faith: Faith, belief, trust – living these things means different things to different people. To me, it is pretty simple. Going with what I know is the truth, being open to love and kindness (which doesn’t come naturally, lemme tell ya) and believing in the One who put me here, even when it doesn’t make sense or it’s terrifying. I couldn’t live without hope and am so glad that I know I have the option for it.

Family: I come from a family of six kids. I was the baby for ten years then, surprise! My parents decided to have 3 more. As different as we all are, I love each of my brothers and sisters…a lot. And their significant others. And their incredibly, amazing kids (I adore being an aunt). And of course the rents, but that goes without saying.
My family also includes a few close friends who have been through the thick and thin with me. Can’t live without these peeps.
And my handsome, handy, hard-working, generous, smart, adventurous fiancé. Oh and he’s patient. As long as it doesn’t involve me trying to boss him around on one of the projects he regularly tackles. Patience goes out the window!
My dreams: Yeah I know, this one sounds a bit cheesy and cliche, but there really is something to being able to come up with ideas, plan, create, look to the future – even daydream on occasion. I actually feel blessed that I live a life that I am able to do this. Some of my dreams include:
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle and take a trip overseas with my honey that involves a lot of biking
  • Becoming more financially free
  • Get better at using a table saw
  • Actually complete at least 50% of the projects I dream up
  • Build our own sustainable place with chickens and farm animals
  • Travel, travel, travel
  • Become more outdoors savvy for camping, hiking, etc
  • Meet more interesting, out-of-the-box people
  • Take life less seriously – enjoy it more
  • Become the adventurer that has been dying to burst out of me =)
I also love food, good food, whole food, real food, ethnic food, spicy food, cheesy food, chocolate food. And lots and lots of coffee.
I am also a HORRIBLE procrastinator, just ask any person who knows me. But not my fiancé. It’s one of his pet peeves (he’s a super get ‘er done type of guy). I need to be reformed, just saying.
I hate the cold, but decided, since I live in Ohio right now, to make my peace with it this year. I have no other choice. A wise friend once said, “To survive, you have to dress right.” For me this means, lots of wool, heavy coats, thick scarves and thermal boots. Hello Christmas Story. I don’t care though, because I hate being cold. Still trying to convince the fiancé that we need to move to South America. Close to the equator.
I work as a part time writer and part time whatever else I’m doing at the time. I love trying new jobs. I’ve been a bank teller (hated it) and a vet tech (loved it).
Enough about me – what about you? =)

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