Wow. It’s been a while. Again.
I’ve been distracted. I’m pregnant. Our little boy is due around the first week in July. I am bouncing off the walls excited and so is Peter.
One thing that I have been thinking about lately is why are we so happy and so ready… some could say, “because you have no idea what you are in for”, “ha. give it a week” or “just wait”…
There will always be naysayers. I’m good with ignoring them and waiting and seeing…
It’s almost funny if it wouldn’t be so sad, how many people would pressure us the last six and a half years of marriage, “When are you having babies?”, “Why isn’t Elma pregnant?”, or my personal favorites, “Are you guys having marital problems?” “Are you having fertility issues?” How did we give you the impression this part of our life is even a little bit your business? Especially the young couples who can’t even keep up with their own children and when you are around them, all they do is complain about being a parent and what a drag it is. That’s an all natural birth control right there.
We are under no illusion, we know there will be times that are tough, life changing and we will have to completely adjust to a different way of living. We are good with that. That’s why we waited, until we were okay with change in our life, ready for change…
We ignored the pressuring and we made the decision, since we will be responsible for this gift. We didn’t want to put our immaturity, bad attitude or our ungrateful impatient expectations on a poor innocent gift, because we rushed into something with rose colored glasses or because “people” thought we should. I laugh as I think of it, “because of people” wasn’t even an option.
Now fast forward to today. I’m not pregnant, wishing I was traveling, building my career or longing for more freedom for myself.
I realize traveling will be more difficult, building my career may pause for a few months and slow, before I can put as much focus into it and I really don’t need more time for myself, really. I have no problem creating what I need, when I need it. I have friends and family to help me on tough days. I can call them. I’m not a martyr. Peter will help. He’s super involved and interested even now.
Peter and I have thought and talked and we are okay with these changes and ready to roll with any other changes that come.
We are ready to love on this little boy regardless of the unknowns of the future.
If he’s tough and cranky, God will grant us the grace and strength to get through. If he’s easy and happy, of course it will make our life easier, but we know we can’t make plans and we have to go into this with our eyes wide open and our expectations laid to rest somewhere in the immaturity where unrealistic expectations are created to begin with.
Can you be ready to have children? Peter and I are. Can you plan for children and what it’s going to be like? Maybe financially, materialistically, but other than the things you can actually make happen, I think not. I’m sure I’ll have more opinions in about a two-three months. Let’s see what I think then.
What are some things people pressured you to do or put their expectations on you, but you held out until you were good and ready all on your own?
Don’t let people pressure you into doing things you really are not ready for. It’s just not smart.


At the office. Baby bump. Grayson Peter. 25 weeks. 7 weeks ago.


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